Co-operative Assistance Network Limited

Support & Consultancy

Advise on amendments to job descriptions arising from appraisal process
Advise on appraisal systems and support implementation
Advise on handling disciplinary cases
Advise on handling grievance cases
Advise on handling industrial tribunals and/or arbitration processes
Advise on HRD / CPD requirements and requirements for qualification/accreditation if appropriate /budgets/ sources of supply / cpd record keeping systems
Advise on process for dismissals
Advise on standard procedures / forms / letters
Building project management
Business Planning Support and Consultancy
Business strategy
Check discipline and grievance procedures - advise on omissions, out-of-dates etc.
Check HR record keeping procedures and records - advise on omissions, out-of-dates etc.
Check policies – advise on omissions, out-of-dates etc.
Check standard contract of employment - advise on omissions, out-of-dates etc.
Check standard membership contracts – advise on best practice
Check standard probationary arrangements / agreements – advise on best practice
Codes of Governance audits
Company or Society Secretary Support and Consultancy
Customer Care Support and Consultancy
Development Needs Analysis for Co-op Startups
Development Needs Analysis for Existing Co-ops
Development Needs Analysis for Succession and Buyouts
Dissolution Support and Consultancy
Dissolution/winding up of a co-operative
Environmental Accounts Support and Consultancy
Feasibility Study Support and Consultancy
Finance Worker – Tips of the Trade
Financial Decisions
Financial Management Support and Consultancy
Governance Support and Consultancy
Health and Safety Support and Consultancy
Housing development planning
Human Resources Support and Consultancy
Loanstock Guidance
Marketing Support and Consultancy
Mentoring service
Organisational review
Pension Schemes Support and Consultancy
Quality Systems / Continuous Improvement Support and Consultancy
Resilience Analysis
Secretariat Services Support and Consultancy
Skills Audit for Business Ideas
Social Accounts Support and Consultancy
Sources of finance
Sources of finance
Stakeholder Review
Starting a Co-op or Social Enterprise Support and Consultancy
Succession and Buyouts Support and Consultancy
Team Dynamics Support and Consultancy
Troubleshooting service
Using Ratios for Performance Analysis

Co-operative Assistance Network Limited

is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014

 No. 30714R 

Registered address: The Coach House, 2 Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QN 
VAT Reg. No. UK 550 0276 78
DUNS 218127940

UKPRN 10028405
MLR Reg. No. 12704615
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