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Make a Complaint

Everyone has the right to complain.

If you are or represent

  • an individual, co-operative or social enterprises receiving a service from CAN whether paid for by you or funded by another organisation, or
  • a funder or sponsor of delivery of services to clients, or
  • a partner in the delivery of services

and you consider that

  • CAN, or
  • any of its staff,
  • associates, or
  • sub contractors

provides or has provided a service which is, in your opinion,

  • not fit for purpose, or
  • delivered in an inappropriate fashion,

please use the contact form to make your complaint.

Your complaint will go to Quality Team Leader and will be copied to Society Secretary to ensure that complaints mentioning QTL can be separately noted.

Your complaint will be acknowledged by QTL unless QTL post holder is mentioned in the complaint in which case it will be acknowledged by Society Secretary.

We aim to respond to complaints within two working days.

We may require evidence that any individual making a complaint on behalf of a corporate body is authorised by that body to make such a complaint before we can accept it. If a complaint from an individual representing a corporate body is passed to us by a customer that is not that corporate body, we may require evidence that the individual who originated the complaint is properly authorised by that body before we can accept it.

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