Introduction to Finance Workshop

This workshop is designed for people taking on positions of financial responsibility in co-operatives and social enterprises. It takes them from basic concepts through to financial control and management, ensuring that they understand the difference between cash flow and profit and loss. It equips them with the terminology they will need to deal confidently with professionals and enables them to specify the investment needs of their enterprise. This is one of our most popular workshops and has been developed interactively with the needs of the client group.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, the students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of finance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts of financial measurement
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what the limitations are
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of accounting
  • Use some important tools of financial analysis
  • Specify investment and funding needs

Workshop Duration

This workshop is designed to be delivered in a full day.

Please note that it may not be possible to achieve all the learning objectives in shorter versions of workshops.

CAN do

We provide learning materials for up to 16 trainees. If the venue does not have laptop and projector facilities these can be provided too. It would be helpful if the venue could provide a flipchart or whiteboard facilities.

You are asked to provide:

  • The venue
  • Catering or refreshments as required
  • The trainees
  • Marketing and publicity for the event. We may be able to help with this in some circumstances.

How to buy delivery of workshops or get a quote

CAN training workshops are delivered for £500 for a full day or £350 for a half day, plus VAT. When delivery is in the South West, South East, London or East of England regions, that is all we charge. When delivery is outside of those regions, we may charge the cost of public transport, and possibly accommodation. We only charge for time spent delivering service to you; we do not charge for travel time and there are no hidden extra charges.

Before we can deliver anything, we ask the person or organisation that is purchasing this service to sign a contract with us. This is an "As-and-when" contract that allows you to purchase products and services from us as and when you require them and does not tie you in to any other commitment.

Please do not fix a date or dates for an event or programme of events until you have signed a contract and agreed date(s) with us.

When you have selected the workshops you are interested in, please get in touch using the Contact Us Page or telephone CAN at local rate: 0845 3733616.

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