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European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF)

We are ready to partner with or subcontract to organisations that are bidding for ESIF funding for programmes that involve getting people into work. As part of such a programme we can deliver:

  • Training for active and potential social entrepreneurs
  • Training and consultancy support for SMEs
  • Development of programmes and training for social inclusion.

Our Social Enterprise Start-up (SESUP) training programme is ready for delivery. We suggest that a 10-day variant that includes masterclasses would be appropriate in this context. This can be delivered as training only or as a package that includes catering and administration.

Why you should consider CAN as a delivery partner in a project utilising European Structural and Investment Funds

  • We are partnership-ready. We can provide overnight all the ESIF required documentation on our corporate entity and individual staff team members for lead partners and consortia putting forward proposals. We understand different organisational cultures. We have worked successfully in partnership with Local Authorities, Academic Bodies, Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Organisations, Charities and Social Economy sector organisations. We are open and transparent. We deliver what we promise.
  • We have relevant expertise. Our day job, every day, is delivering training, advice information and guidance to assist people to create their own socially useful and sustainable jobs by setting up and growing micro businesses and small to medium enterprises.
  • We have reach: we deliver throughout London, South West, South East, and the East of England.
  • Beneficiary satisfaction is paramount. Meeting their needs is the mission that our Members/workers signed up to when they joined the co-operative. They all walked the walk before starting to talk the talk and they are all as highly qualified and highly motivated as they are highly experienced. Their expertise is backed up with a central resource bank and internal consultancy, peer review and quality assurance systems developed over decades.
  • We have experience. We have been involved with EU funded programmes for nearly thirty years and have excellent corporate memory.
  • We understand reporting requirements. We understand that nothing has happened and nothing can be paid for unless and until it has been delivered, recorded and evidenced to the satisfaction of beneficiaries, project manager and programme managing agencies. We know that no resource has been expended unless it is properly accounted for.
  • We hit the ground running. We have a spine of good organisational management, a directly employed core team and a wider network of associates that means we always have delivery capacity available to rise to significant challenges without recruitment, induction or training requirements.
  • We know about cash-flow and how much of a nightmare this can be for programme managers. We know how to finance and bear our share of that pain.
  • We can help. As an organisation that has been lead body and consortia facilitators ourselves we are in a position to input on project design, budgeting, financial management, programme administration and outcome monitoring.

If you may be interested or have questions, please contact Chris Funnell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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