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Special Offer: First Consultation Free

We have been running a First Consultation Free promotional offer for some time now and are pleased to announce that we have decided to make it permanent and to write it into our Terms of Trade.

So here's the deal. First Consultation Free applies to new customers with whom we have entered into a contract but who have not purchased from us yet. It imposes no obligation to purchase. It applies to our consultancy services only and not to our training products or business services. This offer applies only to customers based in East of England, London, South East and South West England regions. Under these conditions, we will not charge for time, travel, expenses or anything else for your first free consultation.

What the first consultation consists of depends upon the nature of the work under consideration and the needs of the customer so it will be negotiated and agreed in advance. It would normally be a face-to-face meeting of about 2 hours and in most cases we would use a diagnostic tool such as a Development Needs Analysis (DNA). By far our most popular diagnostic tool, we have DNA variants for start ups, existing enterprises and buy-outs.

If we are called in to help with governance issues, we may use a Governance Audit tool, of which we have several variants.

Whichever diagnostic tool we use, we are confident that the output will be useful to you, being objective, comprehensive and coherent. It can be used to set an agenda and action plans for development or, at the very least, food for thought. It can also be used as a benchmark against which progress may be measured.

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