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Many small businesses struggle to maintain a coherent and up-to-date set of policies. There are two aspects to this: policy development and policy management, and we can help with both. We recently carried out a full review of our policy set and management systems and in doing so we have developed tools that we are keen to share with our clients.


Policies have data associated with them (responsible department, implementation date, last review date, review period etc.) and so it helps to put policies into a standard template with this metadata appended to the text of the policy. Our policy template has evolved over a number of years and the latest revision was actually a simplification. If you think our template may be useful or inspirational to you, feel free to download it here.

Policies should be consistent, up-to-date and subject to regular review, which implies the management function of keeping track of review dates and status for each policy. Compiling the all the metadata into a policy tracking and review schedule gives the basis of a tool for policy management.

As for the development of the policies themselves, if you are looking for inspiration have a look at our updated policy set, which we have put on line here. We are happy to share these with you in accordance with our commitment to open source principles.

Finally, if you have ever wondered which policies should be passed by Members, which by the Board and which by department heads, check out our Policy on what level polices are passed at.

If you think we may be able to help you carry out a full policy review or help improve your policy management systems, please have a look at the relevant page on our website for the full details of our offer.

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