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How we support all sorts of Community Economic Development projects

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Village community enterprise at Little Canfield in Essex

Community Economic Development (CED) is all about people coming together to have a positive effect on their local economy.

Whether it’s to create, or save, a village resource like a community shop, pub or pop-up market, or perhaps to acquire or renovate a building to create a shared local space for community activities or use as a venue, CED involves people shaping their local communities and their local economies.

They could come together as individuals, or as a group of representative organisations.

Voluntary organisations or local businesses could also work jointly to create economic opportunities for mutual advantage – and consequently also benefit the communities in which they operate. And other key institutions such as colleges, hospitals, credit unions or the local authority could also become involved in CED projects.

CAN has worked with people on a raft of CED projects over the years.


Among them was a village community enterprise at Little Canfield in Essex, involving cultivating local produce, adding value and selling it through a pop-up café, monthly markets, the renovation of a barn as a community asset, bicycle hire, repair and other workshops.

We’ve also collaborated with the University of Bristol to produce the report Community and economic Development: Bulding Back Strong Bristol Co-operatives [pdf].

And a third example is our work with a community organisation in Milton Keynes, helping them develop their business plan and obtain funding to establish a community hub.

We can work with you on all aspects of your Community Economic Development project – from research, strategy and helping to develop partnerships, to setting up and registering necessary corporate bodies.

You’ll find more details here, or please contact our trade sector team leader This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an initial conversation.

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