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CAN partnership praised on first community share offer

Crowdfunding platform Fundsurfer has described working with CAN on its first community share offer, raising funds for Stoke Croft Land Trust, as a “brilliant experience”.

Newsletter readers may remember we reported in May that Stokes Croft Land Trust had hit its minimum target to unlock £75K from the Co-ops UK-managed Booster Fund. The successful share offer closed at the end of May and will enable the purchase of the building known as PRSC Space into community ownership with PRSC remaining as the tenant.

Fundsurfer’s CEO & co-founder Oliver Mochizuki said: "Working with Hilary Sudbury, from CAN, as the licensed Community Share Practitioner on the Stoke Croft Land Trust Share Offer was a brilliant experience; without her overall efforts and work to ensure SCLT was investment ready and could secure the community share offer mark the project would not have been as successful as it was.

“Hilary secured significant funding of £75,000 from the Co-op community booster fund as well as helping to keep everything on track and moving forward.

“Hilary also helped us to get the process right on the Fundsurfer platform side before launch as it was our first ever Community Share Offer and her help and advice was immensely helpful. We look forward to working together again soon!"

To find out more about how CAN can work with you on raising finance and community share offers, please contact Hilary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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