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Risk and Resilience Analysis

This analysis enables us to produce a Risk Register for any enterprise and to assess the preparedness of that organisation to mitigate against, cope with and recover from any of those risks occurring. In turn this will assist the development of a strategy to apply limited resources (aren’t they always) to making the organisation increasingly resilient against future shocks. Progress can be measured by repeating the exercise after an interval of, say, a year and comparing results.

We look at over 280 mitigation techniques to measure how well the organisation is prepared to avoid, reduce the impact of and recover from over 50 risk factors in 11 “departments”. Agility, internal resilience and external resilience are evaluated for the organisation as a whole and departments and risks that have a particularly low resilience are flagged up for priority attention.

Although this is a detailed analysis the process is very efficient by design in order to make it as affordable as possible.

We cannot say exactly how long the exercise will take (and therefore how much it will cost) because this is a consultancy service that will be tailored to the needs of each client, and our clients vary enormously in scale and style, and we will first need to agree a plan for data gathering. But, as a guide and drawing from experience, we could expect data gathering to take between one and 2.5 days and analysis and report generation another day. Please see our Prices and Terms of Trade for our rates.

If this may be of interest to you, please contact our Business Planning Product Area Team Leader, Chris Funnell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an informal conversation.

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