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Some larger or older co-ops develop complex problems involving, for example, competing interests within the membership, increasingly complex relationships between the co-op and the members, uncertainty about the legal form or contractual relationships, uncertainty about ownership or rights of Members and Directors or seemingly intractable conflict. Sometimes deep problems like these are not initially recognised and only come to light as a result of investigating difficulties in other areas of work. Our troubleshooting service can help co-ops and social enterprises held back by governance issues like this identify the problems and deal with them, with an immediate emphasis on preventing further damage.

If there is conflict, our first priority is to reduce risk, negativity and disruption. If necessary, our Mediation service could be engaged.

If the problem requires historical research to establish facts, we can help with that research.

So, if your co-operative or social enterprise is bogged down in seemingly intractable problems and you think we we may be able to help, make contact.

Our Governance Troubleshooting Product Area Team Leader is Chris Funnell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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