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Social Enterprise Start Up (SESUP) course

  • Specialist training course for individuals or groups establishing or considering new Social Enterprises
  • Also suitable for voluntary sector entry into enterprise activity

SESUP is designed for purpose, it is not a business training course with another name. Social Enterprise Start Up Programme (SESUP) was created by Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN) to meet the needs of people establishing Social Enterprises. The training draws on CAN’s experience of delivering support, consultancy and training to the co-operative and social enterprise sector since 1989.

SESUP is flexible and has been delivered as a popular 4-day course, with the option of “bolt on” master classes or one-to-one learner support sessions and as a comprehensive 12-day programme.

SESUP is proven. It has been delivered more than 25 times to hundreds of learners in six English Counties and three London Boroughs helping them to create and grow new social enterprises.

SESUP is expandable. Master classes on specialist issues (e.g. Finance Acquisition, Social Audit) can also be purchased to complement the programme and provide greater depth.

Example outline (4-day variant):

Day 1: Social Enterprise & Business:

Introduction to the course. What is Social Enterprise? Establishing Business and Social Function Missions. Product descriptions, customer profiles and market research plans.

Day 2: Marketing:

Principles of marketing theory and Social Enterprise marketing messages. Enterprise design. Quality Assurance and Quality systems. Health & Safety. Human Resource Development.

Day 3: Action Planning and Governance:

Social product and Social Auditing. Mapping stakeholders. Legal formats, governance and participation issues. Business planning. Financial projections.

Day 4: Finance:

Keeping accounts. Generating financial information from accounts. Business performance indicators. Investment acquisition for Social Enterprises. Financial management and minimising risk.

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