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A Community Business is a locally based enterprise, led by local people to meet a local need. Its governing document does not allow it to be used for private profit so that surpluses are reinvested locally, even on dissolution. A bona fide Community Business also aims to be commercially viable without relying on grants and donations.

Community Businesses usually fall into one of 5 distinct types:

  • Business rescue, including community pubs or shops
  • Community start-ups – local small businesses with a clear social purpose
  • Cross-subsidisers, where profits from a commercial enterprise are used to support a project with a social mission
  • Local clubs and organisations with few assets that organise regular local activities
  • Public asset managers, such as community-run libraries or leisure centres.

CAN understands the support needs of Community Businesses at all stages of development, including pre-start, start-up, and growth.

Over the years, CAN has worked with a number of such Community Businesses, including:

Services that we have delivered to Community Businesses include:

Our Community Businesses trade sector lead worker is TBA.

Our fully qualified Community Shares Practitioner is Hilary Sudbury.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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