Past SACDA Projects

This page gives you an idea of SACDA's capability and experience. This information correct at April 2008

Social Enterprise South East Partnership - UnLtd

SESEP was a partnership of Co-operatives South East (the regional representative body for co-operatives), Development Trusts Association South East, Social Firms South East and UnLtd helping with the set-up and development of all forms of social enterprise.

The Co-operative Development Bodies in membership of Co-operatives South East are organised into a delivery organisation South East Co-operative Support (SECS).

SACDA was contracted to deliver services on behalf of SECS locally. These services included advice sessions, training workshops, business development planning consultancy and ongoing management support.

Introduction to Social Enterprise Development

SACDA developed a 4 day training course for people working in the community and interested in supporting the establishment of Social Enterprises. The training enabled community based workers to move a group from identifying an initial idea to the stage where specialist support was required. The project also provided a grant fund for Social Enterprises and was managed by The Environment Centre, funded by SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) and Southampton City Council. Training delivery commenced in December 2005 and is continued through to 2007 with over 50 participants.

Social Enterprise Consortium Equal Project

SACDA was the local partner in a project to enhance the development of support services to social enterprises. Its involvement took place through South East Co-operative Support - the regional co-operative development body for the South East of England.

The main focus of this activity was to assist the development of Co-operative Development Bodies in areas of the South East of England where there was no provision.

Co-operative Certificate in Business Administration

SACDA was a part of a consortium of Co-operative Development Bodies which developed a training programme for people seeking to establish new co-operative enterprises. The programme was then piloted in Southampton and has been delivered locally five times. The programme delivers 300 hours of training on all aspects of setting up and running a successful co-operative enterprise and participants can achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Funders included the European Social Fund and Southampton City Council.

To achieve the project SACDA had to:
· recruit people with relevant expertise from local co-operatives
· provide an in-house training programme for these people to become qualified trainers
· generate training material
· generate assessment criteria
· achieve accreditation of the course with the (then) Business and Technology Education Council
· achieve accreditation as a training site
· obtain ESF funding
· develop administrative, accounting and reporting systems to suit ESF, BTEC
· promote the programme and recruit participants
· deliver the programme

Training for Growth

SACDA carried out research into the needs of micro-enterprises developing into SMEs (small to medium enterprises). These needs were addressed through the delivery of an innovative training and support package piloted in Southampton.

Funders included the Department of Trade and Industry and Hampshire Training and Enterprise Council

To achieve the project SACDA had to:
· recruit people with relevant expertise from local co-operatives
· provide an in-house training programme for these people to become qualified trainers
· generate training material
· deliver the programme
· compile and publish the results
· carry out an impact study

Young People Preparing for Work

A group of young people were taken through a programme of personal skills development, work experience and assistance in presenting themselves into the jobs market.

Funders included the European Social Fund and Hampshire Training and Enterprises Council

To achieve the project SACDA had to
· design the programme
· arrange and manage the delivery by a local co-operative

Credit Union Development

This project has succeeded in establishing the first credit union in Southampton. It is set up in such a way that it can provide a "nursery" within which community based credit unions can be developed.

Funders included Southampton City Council, Co-operatives and SACDA itself.

To achieve the project SACDA had to:
· carry out market research
· develop a project plan
· recruit a start-up team
· develop a proposal for a common bond acceptable to the Registrar for Credit Unions
· create and deliver a training programme for officers
· create a business plan acceptable to the Registrar
· create a manual of policies and procedures
· create a members introductory handbook
· create promotional material
· make arrangements for collection points in the local community
· raise financial support
· open for business, trade successfully, operate a legal financial service organisation to exacting professional standards

The EuroCDA project

In collaboration with other co-operative support organisations SACDA provided training and mentoring to people establishing co-operative support services in Eastern European Countries

Funders included the European Union

To deliver the project SACDA had to:
· provide training in foreign languages
· translate materials
· provide training
· provide work shadowing opportunity
· visit Eastern European countries and provide advice

Green Light for Europe
SACDA worked in collaboration with Southampton City Council and Southampton Voluntary Services to provide assistance to local community based organisations to build their capacity to obtain and use European funding. The project provided a mix of promotion, information, training and grant aid. While participating in all aspects of the design, management and delivery of the project SACDA specialised in the provision of training and of information.

Funders were the partner organisations and the European Social Fund.

Social Enterprise Employment Development

In collaboration with partners in four European countries SACDA developed a training and support package for people establishing
Social Firms. These are enterprises which have as a high priority the provision of opportunity for becoming economically active to people suffering exclusion from the jobs market. The project involved the development of new training material, the piloting of the new programme in the UK, the dissemination of the material and the support of organisations seeking to use it.

The project was funded by the European Union's Leonardo Fund.

CDA Anywhere

In collaboration with other Co-operative Development Bodies, SACDA helped to generate a best practice manual on the creation and delivery of co-operative support services.

The project was funded by the European Union's Adapt Fund.

Development of specific Co-operatives

SACDA has provided consultancy support for the setting up of specific co-operatives to meet needs identified by other agencies or local authorities. Such projects have been commissioned by Eastleigh Borough Council, New Forest District Council, Southampton City Council Social Services and New Deal for Thornhill.