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How to Purchase from CAN

CAN provides all sorts of consultancy, support, training and direct provision of business services to co-operatives and other social economy enterprises. In order that our clients can easily commission work from us we use an "As And When Contract" system where the terms of trade are set down in a single contract and any work is ordered under that contract using a series of purchase order forms.

First (Action 1) is to download and print the “As And When Contract” (AAWC), fill in, sign (by an appropriate person with sufficient delegated responsibility) and post to CAN, 1-3 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AA. We also sign and we each retain a copy.

Signing the AAWC means that CAN is covered by its professional indemnity insurance and can take instructions from you. The AAWC also enables you to draw down support in the future from CAN on (yes, you guessed it) an as and when basis.

Then (Action 2), using the downloaded Confirmation of Instructions / Purchase Order form, you email us a brief and a budget (which could be copied from our estimate provided or could be an adaptation that suits you better) so that we have the job specified. Add any guidance and background information that you have to hand that you think may supplement information previously provided.

You may use your own purchase order form but please ensure that the order states that it is under the terms of the "Contract for Provision of Consultancy, Training and Business Services on an 'as and when' basis".

Then (Action 3) we will get back to you ASAP to agree to carry out the work and confirm detailed project objectives, priorities, design and timetable.

Signing the AAWC (Action 1) does not commit you to spend any money with CAN but it enables you to order (Action 2) CAN's services as and when you want to (and means that our professional indemnity insurance covers any work that we do with you).

Please also see our code of conduct, equal opportunities policy, co-operative principles and insurance certificates.

Everybody has the right to make a complaint.

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