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Our Prices and Terms of Trade (services)

Our rates

All prices below are exclusive of VAT.

Business services [Doing it for you; Setting it up for you]

  • Charges for these bespoke services are negotiable

For other services we have two tariffs:

1. For co-operatives and social enterprises with a turnover of under £20m p.a.

Training courses & workshops [Training you]

  • Half day: £504
  • Full day: £720
  • If additional support to trainees is part of the programme, that is charged at £720 per hour

Consultancy [Support and consultancy]

  • £72 per hour
  • £504 per day

2. For others

Training courses and workshops [Training you]

  • Half day: £630
  • Full day: £900
  • If additional support to trainees is part of the programme, that is charged at £90 per hour

Consultancy [Support and consultancy]

  • £90 per hour
  • £630 per day

Travel and accommodation costs

Normally, CAN will not charge travel and accommodation costs if service is delivered either:

Normally, CAN will charge travel and accommodation costs if service is delivered face-to-face outside of the 5 regions (unless the journey cost is not significant).

Other charges

In general, there are no other charges. Unless agreed in advance, we do not charge for preparation, research, travel downtime etc. and there are no hidden extras.


Regional Managers have authority to negotiate prices, including travel and accommodation charges.


We can only deliver services to customers with whom we have a contract.  Some customers have their own contracting system but most choose to use one of our As And When Contracts (AAWC) that we have developed and refined over many years and which you can download here.

The AAWC enables services covered by our professional indemnity insurance to be drawn down as and when required.  The scope and price of the work is set out in a confirmation of instruction which is approved by the customer before work can begin.

First consultation free

We offer the first consultation with a customer free of charge, but we cannot deliver any advice, guidance, training or business services until a contract is in place. Work will not be chargeable until a contract is in place and a confirmation of instruction approved.

Additional information

Advice and guidance

All advice and guidance will be provided in writing.

Training courses and workshops

Training can be purchased for delivery to members or clients of one organisation, or to a consortium or network of several organisations sharing the costs. The price is the same.

Our training is all in the context of the development of co-operative and social enterprises, often at start up, so there are strong elements of workshopping and consultancy. We do not simply broadcast information nor are we simply training functionary workers to do jobs.

We try to understand the particular learning requirements of the client group within the context of the subject area so that we can best support them and we often form our client groups into cohorts so that they can support and learn from each other.

Our preparation involves identifying trainees’ current levels of expertise and any barrier to inclusion that they might have such as sensory impairment or a need for assistive technology and we do our best to mitigate against them.

Training can be delivered online or in person.

Online training

We use a dedicated Zoom account to deliver online training and secure cloud space to manage distribution of downloads, student uploads and feedback. Before training starts, we give all students a guide to getting set up and participating effectively.

In person training

We provide learning materials for up to 16 trainees. If the venue does not have laptop and projector facilities, we can provide these. It would be helpful if the venue could provide a flipchart or whiteboard facilities.

The customer is asked to provide:

  • The venue
  • Catering or refreshments, as required
  • The trainees
  • Marketing and publicity for the event. We may be able to help with this in some circumstances.


Prices updated 01 March 2022

Terms of Trade updated 14 November 2022

Additional Information updated 21 February 2023

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