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Human Resources: Setting Up

CAN is ready to help you design and set up your Human Resources recruitment and administration systems. We have a deep understanding of co-operative and pro-social considerations in relation to human resources management and specialise in employment contracts, disciplinary and grievance procedures and well-being at work.

Employment contracts

CAN is able to provide template employment contracts and tailor them to meet your needs. There are legal, practical, ethical and other considerations you may have (or your employee may have), which need to be dealt with in the Employment Contract. If you have the right contract it makes everyone’s position clearer.

Disciplinary and grievance policies and practice

When individuals act in ways that run contrary to the rules and policies of the organisation, it is likely a disciplinary or grievance process will be initiated. It is important to ensure this process protects the organisation and the employee. CAN is very aware of the legal requirements and importance of the guidance of ACAS and role of Trade Unions in making this process effective and fair. We can help you develop policies and practices that will ensure your organisation can undertake this process fairly and effectively.

Well-being at work

Work satisfaction and employees general well-being are increasingly being raised as important issues at work. These run as a counter to the negative impact of poor mental health, illness and dysfunctional team relationships. We can help you create the systems, policies and practices which are most likely to ensure people’s well being and satisfaction with their work.


Free download: Role Grid


Our Human Resources Product Area Lead Worker is John Merritt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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