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Codes of Governance audits

These audits are designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in the governance of your enterprise.

Our Governance Forensic audit checks that the mechanics of governance are working, that the legal form, governing document and policy set are optimised and that Members and Directors are properly carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Includes a policy, procedure and insurances checklist.  It is not specifically for co-operatives.

This audit can typically be carried out in 2.5 days including contact time.

Our Co-operative Code Of Governance audit measures the performance of the co-operative and its governance by its Members against the ideals of the Co-operative Principles. Using the ICA's Co-operative Principles Guidance Notes as a reference, this audit identifies specific strengths and weaknesses in the performance of the co-operative as a co-operative. This detailed review provides input to a programme of systemic improvement. The audit can be carried out on any co-operative, large or small, new or old, of any type in any country.  CAN is the only co-operative development body in the UK that offers a fully comprehensive Co-operative Code Of Governance audit.

It generally takes about 4-5 hours of contact time and the same again to analyse the data and prepare the report.

Our Workers' Co-operative Code Of Governance audit measures the performance of any Workers' Co-op in the UK against the standards of the Worker Co-operative Code. It has also proved useful to other types of co-op such as co-operative consortia that often operate to an extent like a workers' co-op.

It usually takes half a day after two hours of contact time.

Deivery times quoted above are typical and are for guidance only.  These are not price quotations.

If any of these audits may be of interest and you would like to know more, please make contact.

Our Governance Product Area Team Leader is TBA.

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