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Financial Projections

After decades of experience of working on business plans and financial projections for new-starts, stand-alone projects, successions and businesses in crisis, we have developed a flexible range of financial forecasting tools. We can work with you to develop realistic financial projections specifically tailored for your business. By the end of the work, you will have a set of future financial projections which you can use to assist with many areas such as making key strategic decisions, business planning, accessing funding or budget setting. In the course of this work, you will be enabled to adapt and create these projections for yourself in the future.

We also have a financial projection model that is tailored to community energy schemes. With 25-year projections for cash-flow, profit & loss and balance sheet, there is a compact input sheet with all the parameters you will need and a three easy-to-print sheets that provide you with a summary of assumptions and results all ready for working up your community share offer. A CAN development worker will take you through the inputting of data, analysis of the data and developing 'what-if' scenarios.

In addition, an Über-model has been developed for energy co-ops, where the headline results from the projections for each project over time are put into a financial model of the central core of the enterprise. This enables long-term business planning, efficient use of capital raised (through planned recycling of capital between projects) and organisational feasibility testing. It also give budget v actual quarterly report so that progress against long range projections can be monitored and adjustments to plans made where necessary.

This whole package of financial projections for energy projects and the Über-model for the energy co-op starts at £2,500.

This service links in with our Business Planning service, our Setting Up Financial Systems service and our Financial Analysis & Reporting.

Our Finance Product Area Team Leader is Brian Titley: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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