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CAN supports Stokes Croft Land Trust’s community share offer in Bristol

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CAN has supported Stokes Croft Land Trust (SCLT) to develop and launch their community share offer, which is raising money to transfer two properties otherwise known as the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft HQ in Bristol, into community ownership.

It’s also hoped these will be the first of many buildings in the area that the community can own.

SCLT explains on its website: “For decades, this run-down half-forgotten area, known for its dereliction and homelessness, has been the most creative radical powerhouse, a potent cultural node that has been a powerful driver of political and societal change.”

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It continues: “But now the gentrification vultures circle above us, attracted by the juicy cultural capital that we, the community, have produced. In pursuit of profit, property developers and corporate business are moving in, thereby destroying the very culture that makes Stokes Croft attractive.

“We believe that the only way to halt this excavation of cultural capital is for community to own its own land, and thereby be in control of its own destiny. We deserve to reap the rewards of our efforts.”

CAN has supported SCLT from incorporation in 2014 to developing the share offer funded by REACH with Co-operative and Community Finance being the Access Point.

'Bringing the power of collective action into play'

CAN Associate and Development Worker Hilary Sudbury, below right, who’s based in Bristol and a fully licensed Community Shares Practitioner, has been working with SCLT.

She commented: “Raising capital to buy or safeguard community assets through a community share offer is bringing the power of collective action into play.  Buy shares, become a member and have your say in the organisation thereafter. 

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“Bristol has seen successful community share offers from Bristol Energy Co-operative (renewable energy assets), Bristol Community Ferries (the iconic blue and yellow harbour ferries) and The Exchange (music venue).  Further afield, successful community shares initiatives include Komedia & The Bell Inn, both of whom successfully bought their premises in Bath, and Clevedon Pier, Clevedon Community Bookshop and Low Carbon Gordano (renewable energy) have led the way in North Somerset.”

To find out more about the share offer, visit

To find out more about how CAN can work with you on raising finance and community share offers, please contact Hilary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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